Strategy + Planning

"business is tough, solutions need to deliver effectively"

busines mentoring

Are you comfortable that you have a realistic vision and strategy for your business, one that will deliver sustainable value and cash?


If you don’t have a plan, you might still make some money by accident.


Alternatively, a well thought through strategy and business plan with improve the odds very considerably.


GTS helps develop strategic and business plans with you.


GTS believes that the key elements to a business plan are; the thinking, the executive summary and the to do list.


We test your thinking and assist in the process so that together we arrive at a good sound and realistic plan for your business, complete with the key ‘things to do’ with a timetable. Often this is done in conjunction with the board and/or senior management.


The narrative needs to be supported by financial forecasts and cash flow predictions.


GTS often participates in reviews along the journey and any realigning that may be appropriate while maintaining focus on the key objectives


Advisory and Management

  • Strategic plan development and evaluation.

  • Tactical plan development and implementation.

  • Business reviews and restructuring.

  • Review of commercial processes and methodologies.

  • Mergers and acquisitions.

  • Mentoring


Previous Advisory and Management projects include:

Development and implementation of strategic plans, tactical plans (various sectors)

Company reviews and profitability turnarounds

Business mentoring


Company acquisitions and sales

Merger of competitors

Negotiation of major long term services contract (>$100m)

Negotiation of significant services contracts (up to $10m pa)

Negotiation of key employment agreements