Business Training

"understanding the theory is important but the real gain comes from 

the successful application of learning”



Regional Business Partner Network Programme


GTS is a qualified as part of the NZTE/Callaghan Institute Regional Business Partner Network Programme.



GTS provides ‘one on one’ training to business owners and senior managers specifically tailored to their organisation’s requirements, issues and opportunities.

The modules are delivered separately over an agreed timeframe and include templates which allow participants to apply the learning to their own situation. Each module involves approximately a half day.

Whilst most businesses will complete a series of modules, training in specific topics is an option.

Prior to each session, information about the session will be forwarded to participants so that they can have preliminary think about the topic and issues relevant to them.


Training programmes include


  • Business planning – comprehensive programme covering the key elements of a good business plan, but more importantly the key thinking behind the strategy and then the successful implementation


  • Marketing – a practical guide to marketing principles, the inter-relationships between them and determining the best tactical way forward. Determining your real value proposition and how to communicate it. Getting the best value from your marketing dollar.


  • Strategic Pricing – most organisations do not do pricing well at all. This programme incorporates Prime Strategic methodologies and provides a very good framework and understanding of the organisational wide approach necessary to develop and implement a good strategic pricing strategy


  • Costing, contribution and profit – a practical organisational approach to costing taking into consideration wider implications for the business. Understanding costing, especially when involved in manufacturing and export markets is critical.  Understanding the differences and real relationships between ‘normal cost’, standard cost, prime cost, contribution and opportunity cost will lead to better decision making.


  • Commercialising a new product or service -protecting your IP, are you really market ready, the route to market, sourcing and branding, TM and distribution


  • Succession Planning  - what this means, key personnel, business growth, business protection, the next generation and the next owner


     *a full list of training programmes are available on request



GTS brings a wide range of senior and international experience as real examples of things that work and others that are less likely to.