Strategic Pricing 

“Does your pricing strategy truly optimise return and shareholder value?”

charging the right price for a product


Pricing is not simple


  • Consumer behaviour is not always easy to predict

  • It is easy to alienate your customers

  • Your sales manager and others will tell you that you can’t put prices up

  • It is easy to leave value on the table

  • What are you wanting to achieve

  • Is your pricing strategy consistent with overall company strategy



Pricing strategy helps us understand our consumer's perception of brand value relative to the competitive market place and develop a sustainable, long term approach to driving growth


Pricing and Costing are not related, their relationship generates margin but they remain entirely  different skills


Costing is a process that accountants perform.


Pricing is an art.

When done well it optimises available market return and value to your business.


Prime Strategic TM is a comprehensive approach to marketing strategy

The pricing formula:







Perceived Value  =      Perceived Benefits



How Prime Strategic TM works

Our evaluation of your pricing starts with your value proposition and assesses how it compares to competitor options. Our approach is holistic and straightforward and we leave your people with the skills they need to make better pricing decisions in the future.

GTS structured prime strategic methodology can be applied to pricing projects large or small. It is designed to discover and implement the pricing opportunities available to your business.

"Frequently businesses work hard at beating 50 cents out of production and suppliers when $5 is available from the market"


Prime Strategic process stages

  • Develop pricing strategy

  • Develop pricing plan

  • Deliver pricing implementation

  • Evaluation


Previous pricing projects include

  • Pricing strategy development and implementation

  • Development of brand and sub-brand structures

  • Differential distribution​