"do you have the right skills at your board table to achieve your goals”

bsuiness planning and regulations

Successful companies know where they are going and how they are going to get there.

They put in place appropriate structures and systems and apply them with discipline.

Good governance is about making good decisions with a clear view of the big picture consistent with the overall company strategy, identifying opportunities and having strategies to manage risks.


External directors can bring significant experience, objectivity and a non emotional approach to businesses. They are often in a much better position to work ‘on the business’ than internal appointees and so bring a good balance.



“practical business experience counts"


Board of Directors

GTS principal Alistair Coleman is a member of the Institute of Directors and a current director of a number of companies.  He has held various directorships over 25 years


As Advisor to the Board

Alistair is an advisor to a number of boards of directors


Advisory Boards  

Advisory boards can be a good first step towards external governance for smaller companies. They provide support snd reccommendation for the Managing Director


Alistair also works with a number of private companies as independent chair of their advisory board, as chair of their board of management, or as the external mentor to the owners.



Alistair is a trustee of a number of trusts


Alistair is a member of the Institute of Directors and has completed the IoD Company Directors Course, Chairing the Board and other training

Previous Senior Executive Roles – Alistair Coleman

Wools of New Zealand Ltd, Christchurch, Chief Executive. 
[Brand management, technology commercialisation, technical advice, international development centre (UK) and offshore offices]

 Steelbro NZ Ltd, Christchurch, Chief Executive.
[Manufacturer of capital equipment distributed worldwide, offshore subsidiaries]

 Lyttelton Port Company Ltd, General Manager. 
[Publicly listed, the major South Island port]


Annett and Darling Ltd, Timaru, Chief Executive. 
[Engineers and manufacturers of early stage wool processing equipment distributed worldwide]

Alliance Textiles NZ Ltd, Timaru, General Manager. 
[Alliance Fabrics and Swanndri, Wool Trading and Top Making]

 Lane Latimer Group Ltd, Dunedin, Finance Manager. 
[Food manufacturers]

Beck Motors and Marine Ltd, Invercargill, Operations and Finance Manager, Company Secretary 
[Multi-franchise motor vehicle and pleasure boat dealership]