Do you have a good international strategy that is delivering sustainable value to your business?

GTS was established in Christchurch in 2003, and brings considerable practical international business experience and a commercial focus.


The GTS approach is both strategic and tactical.

While a clear strategy is very important, so too is ‘getting some runs on the board’.


“having a good strategy is great, but the profit comes from successful implementation”


The successful implementation of appropriate tactics is critical to success. 

  • Whether you have a well-developed product or service doing well locally, or an all new product still in development, finding your way in the world and actually getting some of their cash into your bank account, is far from easy. Getting even some of the way will strain your resources, hence the need for a planned and targeted approach.


  • It is hard out there - whether you have been in business for decades, or are new, or about to go international, it’s still a minefield. Just as some assistance is very helpful navigating along the way, a planned and strategic approach is essential for any business, and it needs to be regularly reviewed and updated.


  • Pricing strategy helps us understand our consumer's perception of brand value relative to the competitive market place and develop a sustainable,  How often have you heard ‘the accountants do the pricing’. GTS experience is that often accountants are good at costing and checking overhead recoveries. That is important but it has nothing whatsoever to do with pricing in the market.long term approach to driving growth.


  • Good governance is about making good decisions with a clear view of the big picture consistent with the overall company strategy, identifying opportunities and having strategies to deliver on these while managing risks.


There are significant overlaps in each of these topics that benefit from a broad understanding of the interrelationships and wider organisational ramifications of most decisions


GTS principal, Alistair Coleman, has considerable senior management experience in export focused organisations, having held Chief Executive or General Manager roles since 1989. 

This broad background brings both experience and a clear understanding of the complexities of global business. Accordingly, our approach to projects and market initiatives is strategic and balanced, taking into consideration overall organisational objectives.