International Market Development

"it is very difficult to pull apart a distribution arrangement in a market where you don’t speak the language.

Consequently it is something to avoid by not getting it wrong initially”


Developing international markets is challenging and can be very rewarding, but there can be a few ‘potholes’ along the journey


Distribution is the aspect that businesses do least well


  • Do you understand the targeted market

  • How will you chose who to target

  • Are your products appropriate to the target market

  • Are you clear on your value proposition in that market

  • Can you access that market effectively

  • What is your pricing strategy

  • Will you sell direct, through an agent or appoint a distributor

  • How will you establish your brand – can you use it there

  • Can you keep up with supply and maintain quality

  • Have you got time, budget and people

  • What agreements will you need to have in place

  • How will you protect your investment

  • What's your IP strategy

  • What is your overall strategy


GTS has considerable international market experience and can help you through this complex process in a structured manner, balancing and prioritising opportunities with available resources




exporting and international market developement

Previous market development projects include:


Management of a major New Zealand brand internationally.


Commercialisation of new products and technologies internationally – including management of development, licensing,  establishment of distribution, intellectual property protection.


Alignment of parties in complete value chain through to retail, with delivery of premium to raw materials producer.


Management of design, manufacture and international marketing of various products (Technical products, ingredient and consumer products).


Management of manufacturing and marketing of an iconic New Zealand apparel range.


Management of design, manufacture and international marketing of capital equipment (Transport industry) and significant processing equipment (Textile industry).